Values & Ethos

Our Academy motto is 'Be inspired and achieve together'.  Our vision is for students and staff at our Academy to be inspired by what they and others do at Arnold Hill and for everyone to achieve the very highest standards.  We want all students to regularly experience inspiring teaching and enjoy a wide variety of learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.  We want students to receive consistent, high quality teaching which challenges and develops them, whatever their ability.  We want all staff, parents and students to share the same high expectations for students' behaviour and achievement.  We want students to be set ambitious goals and receive the right support and intervention to achieve their maximum potential and be fully prepared for life beyond Arnold Hill.

Our core values are:Respect logo web

  • We all try our best
  • We support each other
  • We keep each other informed
  • We listen to different opinions
  • We are proud to be part of the Academy

The values and beliefs forming the ethos at Arnold Hill Academy are based on the principle of respect, which is a fundamental British Value.  Our vision can only be realised through creating the conditions in which learning, creativity and innovation can flourish.

An outstanding ‘Quality of Education’ requires a secure, supportive and structured environment, which has a positive impact on conduct and attitudes to learning among the whole Academy community.  This is an essential foundation for students’ academic attainment and progress, and their wider development as young people. Everyone in the Academy community has the right to feel respected, valued and safe and the Academy has a duty to promote, nurture and protect good citizens for our local and wider community.

At Arnold Hill, our ethos/culture (what we do) promotes a highly positive environment, in which, everyone can thrive (reflecting our vision).  This positive ethos is modelled in our actions that enable the development of a positive climate (how we behave) which, in turn, promotes the underpinning ethos of respect in all its guises. 

All staff have the highest expectations of our students. We are committed to helping every individual to be the best that they can be; the best version of themselves.  Our systems are established in order to focus on positive ethos/culture development with sharp clarity on operational effectiveness that celebrates achievement, promotes consistency and a sense of fairness.

We believe that high quality teaching and relationships are based on respect, this underpins positive attitudes to learning in the classrooms and our wider surroundings. We are committed to getting to know our students and developing the highest quality interpersonal relationships. We are also committed to managing student conduct in an emotionally literate way and seeking, where possible, to provide students with opportunities to get things right and make amends.

In order to nurture and promote our ethos, we believe that rewards are fundamentally important. The intrinsic reward of enjoying learning is the most powerful way to support student engagement, and therefore we use praise and recognition as a key positive behaviour management strategy. We also focus on a process not outcome model of regular praise, rewarding students who consistently show respect, have positive attitudes and demonstrate outstanding effort. 

Our positive approach is also fundamentally important in developing a sense of positive identity with our Academy and the wider community; a sense of belonging and a real sense of ‘being proud to belong’.

We reward students’ daily efforts for ‘doing the right thing’ through an e-positive points system.  These are instantly available for students and parents to view, and this reinforces positive conduct and supports our Academy ethos.