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Post 16 Safeguarding

Being a Post 16 student is really enjoyable but we also know that the pressure of exams and coursework can develop stress and anxiety for some of our students. If you ever need to talk to Mr Callaway, Mr McEwan or Ms Clarke about anything then please come and find us. We know how to help and offer advice for any of the issues you may be facing. Alternatively there are many outside organisations that can help. Some of the websites for these are listed below:






All students in the Sixth Form are required to wear an ID Badge and Lanyard at all times on the school site. This is an essential safeguarding requirement for our Sixth Form students as they do not wear a school uniform. The ID badge is to be used to gain access to the school site via the turnstile which is situated on the entrance to the school. Students are free to leave the school site during the school day if they do not have a lesson, and can use their ID badge on the turnstile to do this. The ID badge allows the school to monitor which Post 16 students are on site and which have left as this data is recorded on a database. If a student loses their ID badge they will be required to purchase a new one for a cost of £6.

Wear your Arnold Hill KS5 Lanyard with Pride!

ID badge

Additional information about safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students at Arnold Hill Academy can be accessed here Staying Safe.