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The mentoring programme works in several different forms and has the following aims:

To provide an opportunity for sixth form students to help younger students
To improve students’ confidence
Providing experience which allows them to follow career interests or improve personal statements
To help students who may need support

Year 8 Mentors

We have a number of year 13 volunteers who mentor year 8 students. The mentoring could take a number of forms (organisation, confidence, communication) and in many cases is mutually beneficial. Year 13 mentors are provided with specialist training from experts at Nottingham Trent University. TheyYear 8 students are identified by tutors and Heads of House to ensure mentoring reaches those who would benefit most.

INSPIRE Mentoring

This allows a small number of year 13 students to benefit from mentoring by University students. These students are identified as perhaps needing extra support and gain from the expertise of people who were in similar situations not so long ago.

pairedread200pxPastoral Mentoring

Focusing on any students that teachers or tutors feel need some extra guidance or help with organisation, confidence, dealing with exam pressures etc. The mentors will be around at any point to help these students when they need it.

Lower School Reading Mentors

Run primarily by the English faculty, this scheme provides a non-teaching reading partner for a lower school student. The mentors will be from year 12 and year 13, and the programme runs all year.